The Homeless Millionaire - Dr. Stephen Bacque

Stephen Bacque

South Jersey Business Networking Group
welcomes motivational speaker

Dr. Stephen Bacque


Carrabba's Restaurant

Rte 42, Turnersville

Wednesday, September 29 @ 7:30am


Please come visit the South Jersey Business Networking Group at 7:30 am on Wednesday, September 29th at Carrabba's Restaurant on Rte 42 in Turnersville, to hear motivational speaker, Dr. Stephen Bacque.

Steve graduated High School at the age of 21. He had a few disabilities that were not discovered until a few years later. As a result, he failed a few grades in school, got into a lot of trouble, didn't have too many friends etc. He also couldn't read or write. After he finally graduated high school, he went into the military. That is when he was diagnosed with one of the worst cases of dyslexia and a few milder forms of other learning disabilities. Once he served his time in the military he tried to find a job, but because of his disabilities, nobody would hire him. The only way he was able to find employment was to employ himself. He started a horse and carriage tour guide service in Houston, TX along with a business partner. At the time, there were no competitors so business was pretty good for him. He and his partner started with just one horse and carriage and ended up with 11 by the end of their first year. As a 26 year old with no financial background, he spent all of the earnings that he had made and lived the good life. Unfortunately, the next year some competitors joined the marketplace and their business took a big hit. He had not saved a penny and his business partner was robbing him blind. As a result, they went out of business. He didn't have any money and nowhere to live. He had a bad relationship with his family in NJ, so they wouldn't take him in. He didn't have too many friends, so by the age of 28 he had nowhere to go and became homeless. He lived on the streets for a little while and then found a home in a homeless shelter for 6 months. While he was living in the shelter, he saved $3,000 from money that he earned and borrowed. He used this to start a small toy company. He had a wooden Western character that he produced and after a short while he was able to get a few orders from some local stores. The toy became pretty popular, so he had to hire employees to help with all of the orders he was receiving. Since he had such a hard time finding employment due to his disabilities, he made it his mission to only employ disabled individuals to work for him. He started to get several orders from many retailers and it got to a point where he could not mass produce the product and the orders were coming in faster than he could produce the product. Just at this time, there was a company in California who was looking to develop a toy like the one Steve had created. They had all of the mass producing capabilities, but did not have the product. Steve had the product, but not the mass producing capabilities. It was at this time, just five years after being homeless, that Steve sold his company to the California based company for $70 Million Dollars.

Steve earned the Merrill Lynch Entrepreneur of the Year Award which was the same award that was given to Dell Computers founder, Michael Dell. Ben from Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream has also won this award. Since he sold the company, he has been on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, cnn, and many others.

The wooden Toy that he created was the character portrayed as Woody in Pixar's Toy Story. There is also a movie currently in the works about the life story of Steve Bacque.

Since then, he has traveled all over the country giving motivational talks to several Fortune 500 companies. His message is simple: If he can do it, any one of us can too.

He has also written several books. He is now writing a very interesting book about how to get booked as a speaker on cruise ships....and get a free vacation....and potentially earn an income. I got a chance to see the manuscript on this and it is pretty awesome...I'll save the details on this for Steve to tell.

If you would like to come to this event, please drop us a note.

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